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The Key to Real Relief from Chronic Back Pain

Written By: Jones - Mar• 10•17

Bad backs run in my family, but I do not continue to suffer like my siblings and dad do. Mom does not have a bad back, and the others think I just take after her. I remind them when I was off work for six months because my back hurt so bad I could barely move. I had all the traditional tests done and even considered surgery until I went to a chiropractor in Turlock. My relatives with the chronic back pain have all seen chiropractors in the past, but they all still hurt. That is because there is a difference in how I pursued my back treatment at my chiropractor and what they did.

I followed the complete treatment plan. I enjoyed the immediate relief of the spinal adjustments and other therapies, but I also lost 20 pounds and keep up the recommended until this day. If you just go for the immediate relief, the pain will come back as it has a cause that needs to be corrected over time. The adjustments bring you back into spinal alignment, but you need to develop muscles to maintain that alignment. The electrical stimulation therapy helps with muscle building and relief of inflammation. So does heat therapy and massage. However, these are treating some of the causes of your pain, but the root cause is that persistent nerve irritation. You need to get your back into alignment and develop the proper muscles to maintain it.

Losing weight took a tremendous amount of pressure off of my back. Hold a small weight on in front of you for an hour with your arms extended. Would that get uncomfortable? Imaging 20 extra pounds hanging out in front of your belly. What would that do to your back trying to hold it up? Losing the weight made the biggest change in relieving a lot of my back pain, but those adjustments and muscle building exercises took care of all the rest.

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