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Spent the Day Toting the Boss’ Wife Around

Written By: Jones - Oct• 03•14

Spent the day toting the boss’ wife around. Of course the reason is pretty simple. Her car is in the shop and Mr Keen does not trust anyone else with his Jaguar. He has a really sweet vintage E type Jag and he loves that car at least as much as he loves his wife. Of course I work on it and he lets me drive it because he has rather little choice. It is not as though you can find a lot of expert Jaguar mechanics in Singapore. I spent the day at an aesthetic clinic in Singapore. They gave me the treatment, some weird stuff that uses ultrasound to make the wrinkles in your face less noticeable. They do not claim that it gets rid of wrinkles. I could not tell a huge difference, but it was not like I had much else to do while Mrs Keen was getting that thermage stuff done. I have no real idea what that is or what it does. I figured it was none of my business.

At any rate I flirted with the girl technician a bit, once I realized that she was not opposed to the idea at least. She flirted a bit with me and I flirted right back. I suspect that she does not see a lot of men my age in this place. Obviously if you are worried about aging lines, then you probably have a lot of them. I am not quite middle aged. She was cute and I was not going any place. Eventually I gave her my phone number. I figured that was easier than asking her for her number. I told her that I had tickets to this thing she was talking about, but in fact I can just get them if I want.

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