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Some Issues For Improving Educators Professional Development

Written By: contrac - Apr• 25•17

The ongoing issues about gaps and things lacking in the educational system seem to have piled up on the social monitor. For many people in the country, this seems to have worsened the reputation of the academic system, especially the public sector. This is seen as another battleground for politics, too, and many legislative battles have stymied the delivery of needed improvements.

To say that politics do not have a part in the educational is to say that teachers are blind. Improving educators professional development is a topic that has so much going for it, but a total lack of agreement between parties as to its being effective or useful. Whatever the conflicting opinions are, one thing should remain clear, and that is that American students need their teachers to be working and relevant.

The majority of professional teachers who have had some experience with academic systems will become disillusioned. When this happens, interest, commitment and dedication may fall off. Without these, care for the students becomes haphazard and rote learning becomes the order of the day, something better designed for automatons than for thinking, living young people.

However conformity and apathy have seeped deep into the system, government and its agencies, local school boards and districts is trying to keep pump new life into a battered and much criticized system. Many training seminars, normative conferences and the like are put up every year to try to turn the situation back in favor of the American educator and his or her students. But things are continuing their merry way for schools and colleges.

Momentum is not something good here, but it is the driver of all movement within the system. So the new programs are tested and piloted, analyzed and reported on, then are put into the pending bin for a long time. Congressmen have axes to grind and bring to their filibuster time on Capitol Hill and another year passes with nothing getting done.

Continual development that is already established for the academic process specific to teacher retraining and skills upgrade must be reexamined and given new impetus. These are good things that have been passed into law, and being able to use the law in you favor is good. Because this gives programs the kind of leverage and effect that new programs lack.

There is no lack of programs for updating teaching skills, and many can be found being used quietly and without fanfare in many places. Any newbie will take one online trend, for instance, and put up details and conclusions saying a new thing is needed and everyone listens. The moderates who go on working do not have a voice because they have no time for it.

These remain the strong backbone of American education, and they are precisely the people who, by some lucky chance, have remained or continued where they are needed. The presence of enough of these in the system may be able to stop the politically generated slides and slips. To improve teacher development does not necessarily mean new things but the rediscovery of reliable practices.

Congress can come up with really useful stuff, but not after much ill will has been generated. The good things have piled up but will be ignored by incoming freshmen congressmen raring to make waves. The one thing that really needs improvement or removal is the political game embedded in education.

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