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Putting Your Cat in a Boarding Cattery

Written By: contrac - Jul• 03•17

During your cat’s stay with us everything possible will be done to make him or her comfortable and feel loved. The cattery is situated just off West End Road in Southampton. We advise that you use our off road customer parking at the front of the cattery to safely unload your cats from your car and to bring them into the cattery.

When you arrive at the cattery we will then check your current vaccination certificate and check the information you have given us on your cats booking form, it would be a good idea to tell us of any further details you think are important to help us to look after your cat, this can include medication which we will happily administer for you or any special diet needs your cats may have.

We now stock the full selection of the highly recommended Royal Canin dry complete cat food for sale at the cattery, We also have some cat toys that have been tested ! and chosen by some of our own cats these are all for sale in the cattery reception during our normal opening hours.

We will then lead you and your cat to his or her personal chalet and then help to settle your cat into their accommodation, spending some time with them as they explore their new home. You are more than welcome to bring some of your cat’s favorite things from home including bedding and toys, but please note we can’t use your cats own feeding bowls or litter tray and these are all provided by us.

Every cat has its own bright exercise run, he or she will be able to see all the movements at the cattery as we move up and down during the day. We also try to make sure we spend time with each of our residents in the early evening after we are officially closed giving them lots of individual loving care and attention.

Each of our chalets has there own generous sized housing , and is supplied with Vetbed bedding, as recommended by vets which is designed to keep its occupants warm and comfortable. there is also a thermostatically controlled ceramic heater in the base of every house which will keep your cat as warm as toast. You can happily bring any further favorite bedding or toys from home to help your cat settle into the cattery.

Every cat that stays with us is given plenty of individual care and attention and is frequently visited, they also have good views of the comings and goings in the cattery as we and visitors move about the building. Please tell us if you prefer your cat to be in a quieter area and we will ensure they are placed in an end Chalet. (This apply only when we are not busy).

We now have a disabled chalet that can be placed onto the floor of the run to stop some of our senior visitors from having to move from the floor height and having to climb.

Steps will also be taken on how to stop your cat from spraying.

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