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Pulsatile Tinnitus is Enough to Make You Feel Like You Are Going Mad

Written By: Jones - Aug• 29•14

I started to having ringing in my ears years ago. I can even remember when I was younger how if I moved my jaw certain ways I could generate a ringing in my ears. Then I started to lose hearing in one ear. Just a little over a long period of time. I first noticed on night when a fan was running in the bedroom. I was lying on one side and heard the fan plainly. Then I turned over and the sound was slightly muffled. Then I found myself looking for a pulsatile tinnitus cause. When that started, it was really scary and annoying.

Not only did I have the constant ringing in my ears, I would have days where I could hear the ringing accentuated with every beat of my heart. It was a whooshing ringing sound in my ears that corresponded with every contraction of my heart. All day and into the night. The only relief I got was when I was asleep. There would be brief moments of distraction, but invariably my focus would go back to that sound in my head only I could hear. However, I did learn that there are some forms of tinnitus a doctor can hear. Some forms of tinnitus can mean that something serious is going on, or that something serious is developing.

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