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Poor Posture is Not Good for the Body

Written By: Jones - Dec• 02•16

My husband has had a slouch in his posture for years now. It started because he had a lot of pain in his shoulders and upper back, and he would slouch to try and find some comfort. He never really regained good posture after that because his upper back pain never really left him. Through all of this, we were following his doctor’s orders. When we switched to a new doctor, the first thing he wanted us to do was go to a University Place chiropractor to see what could be done for my husband.

When we were sitting in the chiropractor’s office, we were really enlightened by a lot of things. We thought that my husband’s poor posture was just something that looked bad. We had no idea that it was actually causing him damage over the long term. His slouch was also causing poor circulation, which was causing even further damage. Because he was always hunched over, he was straining his body horribly. We also found out that poor posture can actually be what causes herniated discs in some people. We honestly did not know what could be done about it because he had been this way for so long.

While we were told that it would have been better if we had been there right from the start of the pain, that it was not too late to take corrective action. The first thing was to get the proper realignment back. This did not happen overnight though, so it was not going to be fixed overnight either. He had to go in several times a week for adjustments and other therapies, but it actually worked. He no longer walks stooped over, and he is no longer in a lot of pain either. I am just really happy that he has been able to find relief for it!

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