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No Longer Afraid of the Dentist

Written By: Jones - Jun• 30•15

When I moved to Monterey, I thought one of my biggest issues was going to be finding a dentist. I have eight year old twin sons, and neither one of them enjoy going to the dentist, even though they have never had a horrible experience at one. I guess it is just the image dentists are given in TV shows and movies. Even though it is undeserved, it was our reality. I did some research on a dentist in Monterey, looking at each one so I would be able to make the right choice for my boys.

I figured I would have to go through several before finding the perfect one, but I struck gold on the first dentist we tried. I made an appointment for them to have a checkup and a cleaning just a few weeks after getting settled into our new home. They were apprehensive all the way up until we walked into the dentist’s office. The receptionist was very nice and made us feel welcome, and she included both boys in her greeting. She could tell they were nervous, but she had them laughing from a few jokes in no time.

When we went back to have their teeth cleaned and examined, they were treated to even more laughter from the dental hygienist and the dentist. I had told them when I made the appointment that the boys were scared, but I think they both forgot to be during the entire appointment! They really enjoyed everyone at the office, and all of the attention they received too. The dentist also complimented them on taking such good care of their teeth. I have a feeling that visit has finally erased all fear of going to the dentist from the kids. I know that it had a similar effect on me too!

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