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Looking Better Through Weight Loss

Written By: Jones - Jan• 25•16

My weight loss program is producing some great results. I’m the kind of person who gains weight no matter what I eat. Sometimes I feel as if I can gain weight just by looking at a piece of food. I’ve tried to go on diets before, but I usually break those diets and end up back where I started. I’ve tried to exercise, but I get tired of it and just quit altogether. It’s not easy to lose weight when you don’t feel up to the task. To succeed at weight loss, I had to become interested in it.

The program I’m using now makes it more fun to exercise. It feels like less of a chore and more like a leisure activity. Instead of doing the same old boring exercises that everyone usually does when they go to the gym, I use exercises that have a more natural movement to them. The exercises are more like a fun dance. I don’t have to use any extra equipment to do the exercises, but if I want to, I can easily incorporate them into the exercises to get a more intense workout and still have fun with it.

As for my diet, I had to rethink my approach to dieting. I was thinking of the diet as something that you do when you want to lose weight, and then you stop when it’s all over. Of course, I never reached the stage when it was all over, and to me it seemed like the stage was never on the horizon. The pressure from this caused me to cave many times. My diet now is more of a natural transition of the foods I eat. I eat healthy foods, but I also eat meals more often in smaller portions. I also leave myself a little room to have a little indulgence once in a while. Moderation is the key.

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