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Listening to My Friend Was a Really Good Idea

Written By: Jones - Dec• 02•16

A friend of mine is a chiropractor in San Francisco and I have heard so many good things about him from other people. I had never gone to see him for the type of help he offers because I had never needed to before. I ran into him at a dinner party one night and I complained about how I had hurt my back while working my yard. I told him that the pain was not letting up. He told me to make the drive to his place of business. I asked if he thought that would be strange working on a friend, but he assured me that everything would be just fine.

I had found myself wondering if it would be odd to have a friend work on me professionally, but when I called to talk to him about that the next week, he asked, “You you want to feel better again, don’t you?” I did indeed want to feel better, so I got over my feeling quickly and went to see him the next day.

I had been to several other doctors before I went to go see my chiropractic friend for help. The first one I went to told me that I would need surgery to fix my back. I wanted a second opinion, so I made sure to go see someone else. The second physician told me that surgery was not necessary and would be overkill. That just served to confuse me. I found myself wondering which person was right, so I made an appointment with a third doctor who was highly recommended by a lot of friends. The third guy told me that back problems are sort of odd in that there isn’t much that can be done other than to try to take something for the pain, hope the pain goes away or have surgery that may or may not help. Seeing my friend for help is what worked, when three other people offered no help.

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