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Learning About Whiplash First Hand

Written By: Jones - Dec• 02•16

I have heard of whiplash before, but I never knew just how painful it is until I was diagnosed with it. I was in a car accident a few months ago, and I actually walked away with it just feeling a little sore. I didn’t go to the hospital because I thought I was okay. It wasn’t until a few days later that I felt intense pain when I woke up. I knew that it had to be a delayed reaction to the accident, which is why I did a search online to find a Pleasanton chiropractor.

I needed to find someone quickly. I had heard of people waiting months to get in to see a specialist, and I just did not want that. I knew that I had to be seen immediately, so I was happy to find a chiropractor with great reviews who was able to see me that same day. I explained about the accident, and I answered several questions about what exactly happened. I did hit my head on the headrest, but I did not think anything about it since the car was only going about 20 MPH at the time.

The chiropractor told me that it does not take a high speed accident to cause whiplash. There are even instances where a car going a lot slower than mine can cause a person to experience it. He did take several X-rays, and then he explained about the correct alignment of the spine. He also explained about adjustments before he did the first one, and I did feel a little better just from that. I ended up going back for several weeks, and I walked out of my last appointment for the whiplash feeling so much better. However, that does not mean that I won’t be seeing him anymore. I have another appointment, but this is just a wellness appointment to get a regular adjustment.

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