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I Often Hear the Question of Can Herpes Be Cured in the Clinic

Written By: Jones - Feb• 21•14

Natural Cure for Herpes and the Best Herpes TreatmentOne of the things I hear most in the clinic that serves those who have been diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases is the question of can herpes be cured. Though there is continuing research for a cure of this viral infection, none exists as of yet. The hope is that one would soon become available as research progresses. Even a vaccine to prevent infection would be a milestone.

Herpes is a disease that is not associated with anything life-threatening. There is a study that shows a slight association with later development of Alzheimer’s disease, but this has to be studied further to be able to definitively declare it as a complication risk of being infected with herpes. The viral disease is painful when sores cause an outbreak.

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