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I Never Thought I Would Get Whiplash but I Did

Written By: Jones - Oct• 08•16

I remember they used to have a lot of whiplash injuries in cars before they started building headrests into the seats. The headrests keep your head from whipping backward in a rear end collision. In those the car hitting you pushes you forward so fast that your head whips backward. You usually do not even feel much pain as soon as it happens, but it can get bad over a few days. I was driving a classic car without headrests when it happened to me. My Vacaville auto accident chiropractor told me that it still happens to people.

We restored a classic car and we like to take it out locally on the weekends. I was out getting gas and got hit in the back of the car at a red light when the guy behind me was not paying attention. The car was not even messed up bad. His was, but his is a lot of plastic. My car lurched forward and my head went backwards and jerked forward. The car probably only shot forward a few feet. That was all it took.

I was fine to drive home. I did not go to the hospital until my neck started hurting later in the evening. The ER doctor told me that anyone in an auto accident should get checked out just in case. The imaging showed that I had not done any serious damage that would need surgery. However, the doctor told me that I could have knocked my spine out of alignment and have nerve pain from that. He recommended that I see a chiropractor if it did not resolve. I went to a Vacaville auto accident chiropractor the next day. After a few adjustments, my neck started to feel a whole lot better. Before that car goes out again I am retrofitting headrests even if they are not original equipment.

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