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I Ignored My Pain for a Very Dumb Reason

Written By: Jones - Dec• 28•16

I had been having trouble with not feeling very well at various times for about six months. I could not figure out what the problem was. I even began thinking that it was due to putting on a little too much weight. It was when I went to a Fremont dentist that I learned that I had some bad teeth that were causing the problem. I guess I should have known better because I had been putting off the visit for quite some time. I was trying to save money, and I also felt that it would be no big deal to put it off for a bit. You can’t do that when you want to keep all the teeth that you have.

I had been on a mission to buy a new house. I was saving every penny in any little way that I could. You might say that is very smart of a person to do, but it is not smart when you try to save money by putting your own health on a back burner., I knew that I had at least three cavities. I learned that at at dental visit about 2 years prior to this most recent visit. I forgot about going back for awhile until I began feeling pain in both jaws. I figured I had time, so I put it off some more. The pain did grow a little bit worse, but it didn’t seem like anything that I couldn’t handle.

I continued not feeling well over time. But it was the day that my cheek and the area around my right eye began to feel very tender that I began to worry. It was a little bit painful to touch my skin there. My sister pointed out that usually means that you have an infection in one of your molars. I called for help immediately, and the dentist found that I did indeed have a tooth infection. It was too late to save the tooth, so she had to pull it.

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