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I Have to Work at Keeping Myself in Good Condition

Written By: Jones - Dec• 26•16

Moving to California is something that has made me really happy. I came out here on a college road trip with buddies years ago, and found myself really into the lifestyle here. But being active here has meant that I need to get some help with remaining active since I can be so tough on my body. Not only that but I am a model and I need to move by body with ease for the camera. I go to a chiropractor in Santa Rosa CA for both of these things, and it is important that I keep the effort up.

When I came to this state as a much younger person, I did not realize how much rent, food and other things would be in comparison to the country town that I had grown up in. Not everyone wants to live in the country, so high cost of living would never work out there. But people around the world want to live and work in California, so things cost more. I had always wanted a chance at modeling and it pays really well so that is what I focused on as soon as I moved here. It’s important that I am able to do whatever a photographer asks me to do for a picture. If he asks me to twist into odd poses, I need to do it. If I need to hang from some scaffolding, I need to do it. A chiropractor keeps me limber and feeling good for photography shoots.

I also like to surf. This really can put my body through a lot since it is something that takes a lot of stamina. Chiropractic help is good for that because it helps to heal my body if I am too tough on it. I also do what I can to eat well and exercise as well because these things also go a long way to helping your body go further.

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