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I Am Going to Be a Regular Chiropractic Patient

Written By: Jones - Oct• 06•17

Some of my friends were talking about the different Sacramento chiropractors they were seeing, and all I could think was, “You guys see a chiropractor on a regular basis?” We all lead pretty busy lives, so the fact that I did know three of my friends were seeing a chiropractor is not what shocked me. What shocked me is the fact that they were even seeing one. I had always thought that a chiropractor treated people who were in car accidents or had fallen and hurt their backs. I did not even think that a healthy young woman or man would need to see one.

I was perplexed by this, so I started asking questions. I wanted to know why they were seeing a chiropractor, and I really got an education that day. Only one of them started seeing a chiropractor because of an injury. It was an old football injury that had started acting up again, and his doctor had told him that chiropractic adjustments might be the only thing that would help him since he did not want to take any pain pills. The other two told me that they had always seen a chiropractor because that is just how they were raised.

Both had been seeing a chiropractor since they were young because their parents had included a chiropractor as part of their healthcare teams. I did not know them until I moved here a year ago, so I had no idea. They told me when they miss an appointment, they can actually feel the difference. They only go a few times a year for adjustments, but it makes all the difference to them. They told me that if I went to their chiropractor, I would get a free consultation if I wanted to try it out for myself. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I did. I felt incredible after that adjustment, and I am going to be a regular there now too!

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