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How to Get Rid of Warts

Written By: Jones - Sep• 05•14

I am looking around for a way to get rid of this wart that I have grown tired of. I have been reading an article on Wartrol this morning and it is sort of interesting. Of course the usual way to get rid of a wart is apparently to go see a doctor and they will first freeze it, I am not sure exactly how they do that. After they freeze it then they remove it. I am thinking that perhaps it is designed for something different than what I have. I just have an ordinary wart, the sort that you see on the cartoon witches and so forth. This seems to be designed for HPV or genital warts. I believe that HPV means the human papilloma virus or something that. They have a vaccine for it and there is this rancor about giving it to young women. Of course a lot of parents do not think they have to worry about their kids having sex or getting diseases which are transmitted by sex.

Of course you can be sure that people will have sex if and when they want, not much their parents can say about it at some point. It is not so hard to figure that out. People are designed to do it, so that they can carry out one of their primary biological urges. Biology is going to trump most other things. At any rate I do not have that particular problem and it is not the same thing. Of course I was wondering if I should use the dr school’s freeze away instead of that other stuff. I am guessing that it is for a wart that is on your foot, or at least most of the stuff that they make is for foot problems.

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