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From Severe Back Pain to Living a Normal Life

Written By: Jones - Feb• 19•17

People who do not have back pain cannot relate well to understand how it can make you feel. Most people have had a bad toothache at one time or another. That is the best example I can think of to describe back pain. It can ache and throb and go up and down in severity from one minute to the next. I liken the worst pain to abscessed tooth pain. I used to hurt bad until I started seeing a very good San Diego chiropractor. I had pain in my back in more than one place. It was from my neck down to my tailbone, and nerve pain even shot down my leg into my toes.

Many people either have problems with their necks (cervical), shoulders and upper back (thoracic) or lower back (lumbar). I had problems with all three. Nerve impingement caused tingling on my face. I had shoulder problems that ached so bad I could not stand it. My lower back hurt when I sat, and I would get sciatic pain down my leg into my foot and big toe when I walked. I even walked hunched over looking like some kind of hulking creature in silhouette. The San Diego chiropractor I go to has helped me improve tremendously.

The adjustments take away the pain. The exercises help it so that the pain does not come back like it did before. The strength training has helped me with my posture, and that has relieved the nerve impingement in my neck to the point the tingling is diminishing at my face and right ear. This could be a sign of something more serious, and those things were ruled out in me. I could even relieve the tingling by adjusting my posture, but I could never hold the position for long due to weak back muscles. Now I feel tremendously better and stronger.

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