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Falling in a Winter Wonderland

Written By: Jones - Dec• 24•16

A trip to the park with the kids turned into an experience that I didn’t think I would have until I was at least in my 60s. Snow had fallen in the park, so my wife, kids, and I bundled up and took the sleds to the park. There is a hill in the park that the kids usually use as a sledding ramp. The kids can go down the hill easily, but I always have an uneasy feeling while doing it. When I went down the hill that day, I had to find a chiropractor in Sacramento, because I had fallen off the sled.

I fell off the sled in such a way that my back was hurting and I couldn’t move without feeling any pain. I thought the pain would go away after a few minutes, so I laid in the snow to rest, but as I tried to move again, the pain stayed around, and felt like it was getting worse with each muscle movement. We had to cut our park fun time short and head back home. The kids didn’t seem to worried about having to go home. They were more focused on whether I would be able to walk again. Sometimes the kids’ imagination gets the better of them. They thought things would get so bad that I would have to use a wheel chair for the rest of my life.

My wife and kids sat in the waiting room while the chiropractor had a look at my back. The chiropractor told me that I had an injury, but it was nothing that couldn’t be healed with a little time and rest. To take care of the pain that I was feeling, he wrote me a prescription for some medication. I couldn’t really do much for the next week, but my wife and kids made me as comfortable as possible.

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