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Everyone Can Benefit from a Chiropractic Visit

Written By: Jones - Dec• 10•16

My husband started seeing a chiropractor in Phoenix about a month ago because he was having lower back pain more often than not. He was not sure if he pulled something, but he did know that he needed to find fast relief because it was interfering with his golf outings with his friends. They have a regular outing every Saturday with the rare exception, and he just could not do the full course with how bad he was hurting on some days. One of his golf friends suggested that he see the same chiropractor that he went to, and he made an appointment for that same week.

The chiropractor did a complete exam, and he told my husband that it was nothing that several adjustments couldn’t take care of. My husband did not understand what that meant, and he was told that his spine basically needed to be realigned properly again. Since he understands what that means with a car, he was able to make the connection that way. He had his first adjustment that day, and he went back twice a week for the first three weeks. He is feeling a lot better now, but he is not going to stop going.

He told me last week that he has never felt this good, or at least he could not remember the last time he did. He knew that I would benefit from going as well, and he had made me an appointment to go with him on his next trip there. I have been there twice so far. At first, I did it just to please him, because I was not in any kind of pain like he had been. I still found out that I can always feel better, which I do now that I have had two adjustments done. We are both going to be regular patients now.

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