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Doing What It Takes to Live

Written By: Jones - Nov• 29•14

It’s our personal responsibility to do everything that we can in order stay and be healthy. As someone whose grandfathers died from heart attacks and whose Uncle is dealing with his own heart issues, it is up to me to make sure that I keep my heart in healthy working order. What does this mean for me? I have to exercise, eat a healthy and balanced diet as well as supplement my nutrition with doses of COQ10 – one of the most powerful natural supplements that you can find on the market in regards to keeping a healthy heart.

I have been taking supplements for a long time which has lead me to doing a ton of research on what kind of medications I should be taking into consideration. While supplements are a great way to reinforce what I might be lacking from my diet, it’s still incredibly important for me to keep a healthy diet. It can be difficult; I’m something of a foodie which often means that I find myself straying from the path that I have set myself on. I don’t like to admit it but sweets are my weakness! Especially ice cream.

There’s just no such thing as a ‘good for you sweet’ and anything that tries to be will generally not taste that amazing. It’s a simple fact! It takes a great deal of discipline and will to stay on a healthy diet but once you allow it to become more of a habit, and a ritual, it becomes easier to do so. I have only just now in the past few weeks forced myself to make these lifestyle changes. In those few short weeks I have felt more healthy, more alive and even happier than I have in months – years, even! It’s a change that is certainly for the better.

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