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Costs for Life Alert System

Written By: Jones - Nov• 30•14

My mother lives alone in the house that my father built some 4 decades ago, and I really worry about her, because she is not in the best of health. In fact, she is a bit frail. But anyway, she wants to live alone and I am going to respect her wishes. I wish to look into life alert cost for having that sort of system installed. I am not sure what all it involves, but I think there is probably going to be some sort of cost for the hardware itself and then maybe a monthly subscription fee. I am a bit worried about the cost, but not that much, because I am much more worried about the health of my mother.

She is all that I have left in the world in terms of family, and I would hate to lose her. If I had more time, I would watch over her on my own, but I do not have that much time available to do so. I am a very busy person, and I have a lot of professional commitments that keep me from spending more time with my mother. Not to mention, she does not live particularly close to where I live.

I tried to get her to come and live with me, but she pretty much refuses to quit living in the house that my father built, and i understand where she is coming from sort of, but it does not mean that I really like it. In fact, I would much rather her live with me, because that would help me to know that she is safe on a daily basis. But instead, I guess I will just have to rely on some sort of system to help to make sure she is safe.

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