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An Outdoor Party with Plastic Barware

Written By: Jones - Mar• 24•17

An outdoor party is never perfect without cocktail drinks. But forming one outside the home’s premises can pose a significant level of glassware breakage. To clear this problem, a new trend has emerged where plastic barware is becoming acceptable party tableware. Such cocktail glasses come in commonly vibrant colors to complement the ambiance of the outdoor setting. And if you are worried that such cocktail glasses will not meet the standard elegance needed in your party, shrug that off simply because this type of plastic barware is fashioned to convey what authentic cocktail glasses do.

Depending on the drinks you will be serving, you will need to make sure you have the proper set up. For coffee and hot beverages, mugs are always a good choice. For iced drinks, a tall glass is usually the best idea. And of course, wine plastic barware always lend themselves to a beautiful, elegant look. Sometimes, you might want to use wine plastic barware as a replacement for traditional water glasses.

Because of its many advantages, plastic wine plastic barware are truly becoming an ideal choice for party people. So the next time there is a need for a party gets together, do not hesitate to employ such serving glasses in the barware arrangement. The ones listed below are some of the well loved plastic barware. When you go to the glassware section of a department store, you will surely find many more designs.

Monogrammed Plastic Barware DuraClear Osteria Stemless Red Wineglass, Set of 6

Often mistaken for true glass, these plastic barware stemless red wine glasses from New Zealand are designed from durable polycarbonate, making them a practical yet graceful choice for poolside parties, picnics and barbecues. Set of six red wine glasses, ideal for serving red wines outdoors and poolside. DuraClear food grade polycarbonate will not crack, shatter, break, cloud or discolor. Glasses maintain their clarity even through regular use and washing. For monogramming, please specify single or triple initials. Dishwasher safe.

Baja Plastic Barware, Set of 6

Enjoy summer cocktails outdoors with our colorful Baja Outdoor Margarita Glasses. Each durable plastic plastic barware is detailed with a lively ring of color along the rim. Margarita: 4.5″ diameter, 7.5″ high; 11.5 fluid ounces. Highball: 3.5″ diameter, 6″ high. Goblet: 3″ diameter, 7″ high. This plastic barware made of durable molded plastic that is ideal for outdoor entertaining. Set of 6 Margarita glasses, Highballs or Goblets in Blue or Green.

Merritt USA Rainbow Diamond Plastic Barware 14oz Wine Glass, Set of 12

Acrylic plastic plastic barware and dishes are break-resistant. Acrylic is a good alternative to glass for outdoor use since it will not shatter dangerously like glass drinkware or ceramic tableware. Hand washing is recommended for acrylic plastic drinking plastic barware and dishes to retain their luster and beauty. Acrylic plastic barware can be washed in the dishwasher, but it will eventually cloud and possibly craze (show fine lines) due to the heat of the dishwasher. Acrylic drinkware and dishes are not recommended for microwave use. If you want to use microwave, better use different barware.

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