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All About Botox Jaw Reduction

Written By: costa - Oct• 03•14

Do you have a wide or large jaw? If you do, but you’re afraid or not interested in surgery, you might consider Botox jaw reduction. What this procedure does is make the muscles in your mouth that you chew with weaker. This will make your jaw look less wide than it does now. It helps to soften the way the jaw looks so you lose the masculine wide jaw. It gives your whole face a more pleasant shape. Many people have large jaws because they have big muscles in their mouth for chewing. To see if this is the case for you, bit down. Place your fingers along your face and feel your jaw right around your ears. Does it seem hard or big? If you said yes, then this type of jaw reduction would be a good choice for you.

Botox makes the jaws smaller by relaxing the muscles in the jaw. When muscles aren’t used as much they become smaller, which will make your whole jaw smaller. (more…)

Spent the Day Toting the Boss’ Wife Around

Written By: costa - Oct• 03•14

Spent the day toting the boss’ wife around. Of course the reason is pretty simple. Her car is in the shop and Mr Keen does not trust anyone else with his Jaguar. He has a really sweet vintage E type Jag and he loves that car at least as much as he loves his wife. Of course I work on it and he lets me drive it because he has rather little choice. It is not as though you can find a lot of expert Jaguar mechanics in Singapore. I spent the day at an aesthetic clinic in Singapore. They gave me the treatment, some weird stuff that uses ultrasound to make the wrinkles in your face less noticeable. (more…)

How to Get Rid of Warts

Written By: costa - Sep• 05•14

I am looking around for a way to get rid of this wart that I have grown tired of. I have been reading an article on Wartrol this morning and it is sort of interesting. Of course the usual way to get rid of a wart is apparently to go see a doctor and they will first freeze it, I am not sure exactly how they do that. After they freeze it then they remove it. I am thinking that perhaps it is designed for something different than what I have. I just have an ordinary wart, the sort that you see on the cartoon witches and so forth. This seems to be designed for HPV or genital warts. I believe that HPV means the human papilloma virus or something that. (more…)

I Cracked My Front Tooth

Written By: costa - Aug• 05•14

When I cracked my front tooth, I thought it was the end of the world. When I saw it in the mirror, I am not sure if my tears were more from the pain or the look I now had. I was being a bit dramatic, but that is just how I am. I knew that I needed to get to a Bend cosmetic dentist sooner rather than later, because there was no way I was going to show my teeth to anyone before getting it fixed. Since I am the kind of person who is always talking and smiling, that meant that I needed to find someone the same day it happened.

I was fairly new in town, so I had not yet established a dentist yet. I knew that I could ask around and get some suggestions, but I decided to just look online and see if I could find one that way. (more…)

Pulsatile Tinnitus is Enough to Make You Feel Like You Are Going Mad

Written By: costa - Aug• 29•14

I started to having ringing in my ears years ago. I can even remember when I was younger how if I moved my jaw certain ways I could generate a ringing in my ears. Then I started to lose hearing in one ear. Just a little over a long period of time. I first noticed on night when a fan was running in the bedroom. I was lying on one side and heard the fan plainly. Then I turned over and the sound was slightly muffled. Then I found myself looking for a pulsatile tinnitus cause. When that started, it was really scary and annoying.

Not only did I have the constant ringing in my ears, I would have days where I could hear the ringing accentuated with every beat of my heart. It was a whooshing ringing sound in my ears that corresponded with every contraction of my heart. All day and into the night. The only relief I got was when I was asleep. There would be brief moments of distraction, but invariably my focus would go back to that sound in my head only I could hear. However, I did learn that there are some forms of tinnitus a doctor can hear. Some forms of tinnitus can mean that something serious is going on, or that something serious is developing.

Had a Little Accident on Friday

Written By: costa - Aug• 14•14

It was not my intent to get into this accident, but it turned out to be sort of lucky. I was riding with one of the sales guys from another town and I think he was lost, but he would not admit that he was. At any rate he was looking around not going on, some guy plowed into the back of his car at probably sixty five or seventy five mile per hour. For me it was pretty good, because I lost a tooth, but I had already scheduled a dentist in Bella Vista to pull that tooth. (more…)

I Imagine Few People Even Know That Type 2 Diabetes is Reversible in Its Early Stages

Written By: costa - Aug• 07•14

I am not fond of doctors. I like to try to see if I can do something about things happening in my own body on my own first. If something bad happened, I would go to the ER or schedule an appointment I suppose. Not everyone is willing to run to a doctor anytime a symptom manifests. For some things, I suppose that attitude could be dangerous. However, I wanted to do the work to fix myself that I know the doctor would advise anyway. That is why I have been reading a lot about how to reverse diabetes today.

My mother was testing her blood glucose before our lunch together.

Working Towards My Graduation Slowly

Written By: costa - May• 07•14

Right now I am just taking a couple of courses over the internet. I needed to earn some money and also to not spend any money, so I am living in my Mom’s basement and working for a lady that she knows. It is sort of an odd job for me and I did not think that I was very qualified for it. I am at the counter of a boutique. There is stuff like rrose water facial toner and that sort of thing in front of me and I sell it all.

Importance of Teeth Whitening Reviews

Written By: contrac - Apr• 13•14

Having whiter teeth is really good if you consider how it affects one’s looks positively. It enhances the beauty of your face because white signifies purity and cleanliness. If you have yellowish teeth, you may go to a dentist to make your teeth whiter. But, if you don’t have much time or money, you can do it by yourself.

Even though whitening can be done at home, it is still better to have it done by your dentist. Why? It is because there are risks that you may overuse the solution and may cause your teeth to soften.

Overexposure of the teeth to whitening chemicals can lead to softer teeth. Therefore, your teeth will be more prone to cavities, fracture and of course they will be more sensitive. That is why usage of these whitening products must be done very carefully.

Advantages of Reading Teeth Whitening Reviews

Whitening products are different from each other. Some whitens your teeth very fast, while some do it slowly. This is why knowing the product first is very important before using it. This is where teeth whitening reviews come in.

Teeth whitening reviews can aid someone who wants to whiten his teeth at home. Since not everybody is knowledgeable about the teeth, it is better to consult the experienced ones, even if they’re not dentists. However, consulting your dentist is still the best way.

How can teeth whitening reviews help you? The 3 vital things which reviews must have are the product’s performance, procedure on how it is used and other features. A good review should have all of these.

Performance of the Product

The performance of the product is its very core. Why will you use a cheap whitener which is not doing well? Of course, it is better to buy the one that has a higher price, but, can really do its job. Also, you can be familiar with those products that usually damage the teeth. By reading teeth whitening reviews, you can know all of these.

How the Product is Used

Since there are various techniques in teeth whitening, one product may use a different whitening system. Some whiteners are applied and washed immediately, while some are put on and takes an hour before it takes effect.

Other Product Features

As said a while ago, there are different kinds of whitening techniques. Some products include special tools that are used in the whitening procedure. These can be in the form of gums, polishers and many others.

There are some products that don’t provide these special features and it is your job to find them in the market. It is why knowing the whitening procedure and as well as the special product features are significant.

Teeth whitening reviews do help a lot when it comes to people wanting to have whiter teeth. The 3 major advantages that are discussed in this article are not only the things you can learn from the reviews. These are only some, and there is still more information you can get in reviews.

Find the Best Juicers with the Use of Juicer Reviews

Written By: contrac - Apr• 08•14

Juicer reviews can help people to evaluate all the brands of juicers that available in the market at the present time. With the help of these reviews, it will become much easier for the people to find the juicers that are fit for the setting and types of meals that are meant to be prepared on their kitchens every day. And in these reviews, it will become much easier also for the consumers to determine the best models and brands of juicers to purchase in the market that will surely satisfy their demands.

The Common Examples of Reviews for Juicers

Most of the common examples of Juicer reviews in the internet nowadays were designed to promote the best examples of juicers that the people in this world should not miss. The main purpose of these reviews is to make sure that the consumers in the market will be able to make more efficient decisions in the process of selecting the best juicers to provide in their kitchens. All of its contents should be very reliable and full of supporting facts in order to make sure that the consumers will never ignore it.

Juicer reviews, like those on have strong impact to the sales rate of a particular brand of juicer. Those brands of juicers which will gain excellent reviews will be able to dominate the other brands that are not really good or reliable in the eyes of the consumers. Aside from that, most of the consumers nowadays are already wise and paying more attention on all of the helpful reviews and positive reviews that are related to their choices.

Such reviews taught the consumers on how to choose the best example/s of juicers to purchase in the market. Its format and contents continually changes as the time goes by and as new models or brands of such products start to appear in the market. Juicer reviews will never fail the expectations of those individuals who are interested to find the most reliable juicers that will make all their dreams for their food or beverage preparation come true.

The review for juicers will always help the consumers to decide more effectively in the process of selecting the best options for them to purchase in the market at the present time. For several years, such technique became one of the most important components of the online market. If these reviews do not exist, many online consumers will never be encouraged to purchase the products that are available in the online market at the present time.

Juicer reviews are plenty in the internet nowadays. The purpose of its existence is to provide the consumers of juicers with reliable references to use in the process of selecting a certain brand of juicer to purchase in the market at the present time. If these reviews do not exist, many people in this world will be victimized by the low class products of the manufacturers of uncompetitive models of juicers.

Teeth whitening reviews for various products

Written By: contrac - Apr• 05•14

With numerous teeth whitening products available in the market, it can get really difficult to choose the best product. Should you use powders, trays, pens or strips? Well, if you go online, you can find hundreds of opinions and teeth whitening reviews on the trend- both negative as well as positive. Although some reviewers leave it to the discretion of users, a few others vehemently encourage picking up some products over others. Let us see which whitening products are acquiring most votes from expert reviewers and which all lagging behind.

Home whitening kits have gained sky high popularity among starters. The major reason behind it is that most amateur as well as expert reviewers have used DIY kits and almost all of them are quite satisfied with the results. Thus DIY kits have generated enough positive reviews that have been stacked up heavily in their favor. Most of these teeth whitening kits get free press and PR because of their brilliant results and complete value for money pricing ranges.

Teeth whitening reviews for home kits are going excellent mainly because of the millions of advantages capable of getting you whiter smiles with a couple of weeks only. The first good thing is the affordability factor which keeps the USP of these kits above all other tooth bleaching methods and modes worldwide. Secondly, laser treatment centers would charge you near about $1000 for only a single session. Even though your whitening episode is done in an overnight, your bank balance gets depleted overnight too.

Several teeth whitening pens are also available to choose from which include Miracle White, Idol White and BriteSmile To Go. Miracle White claims to give you whiter teeth after a single application only and the pen has a lot of gel that you can apply for a minimum of 25 times. BriteSmile To Go pen that comes for an average cost of $30 promises you whiter teeth after a period of two weeks. Idol White costs about $50 and it also offers a free sample which you can try out for 30 days before buying. If you want whiter and dazzling teeth, but can’t afford professional services, consider using Idol White. It only takes one minute to apply and you can see visible results within 10 days. For more information and detailed views about these products, you can always search online and go through teeth whitening reviews. You will find almost similar sentiments echoed by average customers.

The popularity of all whitening products is heavily increasing which is an indicative of the fact that more and more number of individuals are opting for such techniques. However, you need to efficiently weigh the efficacy of the commercial products against the dangerous chemicals that they contain. Read consumer reports and teeth whitening reviews to find out whether or not any particular product is likely to cause health related problems in future. Before purchasing any product, do a thorough research and then invest your money to get visible and satisfactory results.

Teeth Whitening Reviews

Written By: contrac - Apr• 02•14

Searching for the best and excellent teeth whitener product or treatment is one of many things you need to think about if you want to have a pearly white teeth and perfect smile. To obtain this, you have many choices and finding ways, some are expedient; some are simple way while some are assured choice. You are in need to teeth whitener that may be a treatment or a product. In order to avoid any bad circumstances when it comes to this matter, you have to consider reading various teeth whitening reviews.

Finding teeth whitening products can be obtained easily through browsing online. In this case, you will take the hard way to buy on the other hand, thinking about teeth whitening reviews for a particular product or treatment can keep you away from this case. Reading different teeth whitening review online can also assist you get the most excellent and efficient item, even you select to buy at some store.

The second choice is to visit shops providing products which are particularly for teeth. You can also browse some clinic, which is providing dental products and services for their clients. In this case, you will definitely obtain the best product for teeth whitening as you are requesting a referral from professionals. For sure, the dentist will provide you the best product she or he knows which is best and appropriate for you.

The same if you are searching for the cheapest way to look for the most reliable tooth whitener, you can ask recommendation from your friends and family who already used this type of product. You do not need to disburse for dental check up and for sure; your friends and family members will refer a whitening product which was efficient for them.  You can ask them where to get this product to save you time and effort by looking. There is no need of browsing any online shop as they can give you straight where they got the product.

Regardless of how you get this product, you should always read teeth whitening reviews which are available in various review websites to ensure that you are dealing with the best tooth whitening product. In so many means, reading teeth whitening reviews assists you make choice wisely particularly if you are searching for the teeth whitening product that offer results in a very short period of time. Teeth whitening reviews were made through the comments and feedbacks submitted by the past users to provide you the guarantee how efficient a specific whitening product is.

As a whole, you have many means to get the effective and most excellent teeth whitener product and some of them will provide you the expediency you want. You only need to select carefully and choose the whitening product you believe can provide you the result you want the best. Getting the effects you want depends on how you select the right and best product, once you fall short, then the way of choosing the product you follow is not effective.

Types of Spindle Cell Sarcoma

Written By: contrac - Mar• 21•14

spindlecellsarcomaThe Spindle Cell Sarcoma is a type of cancer which appears when the connective tissue cells in the human body become malignant or cancerous and they have the shape of spindle. It is difficult to observe the apparition of this form of cancer, as it has symptoms which can lead to other serious diseases, as well. Some of the main symptoms are fatigue and malaise, but the symptoms can also be influenced on the growth stage of the tumor, the size and site of it. This is why this form of cancer is usually diagnosed in its last stage.

Usually, the malignant connective tissue cells are released by the human body due to an injury. These cells are different from the wounded site cells, which have the ability to divide and grow into a predetermined number fast, thing which allows a rapid heal in general situations. The cancerous cells grow very fast, but in contrary to the healed cells, they grow in uncountable number, which determines the forming of Spindle Cell Sarcoma. But besides injury, there are also other causes that can lead to the apparition of this disease, such as the genetic history and the inflammation.

This disease is mainly preponderant at people over the age of 40. There are more types of Spindle Cell Sarcoma. The Undifferentiated sarcoma of the bone is the type in which the cells do not show proper specialization. These cells do not belong to any other category of connective tissue cancerous cells and this is why they are named as undifferentiated sarcoma cells.

The Malignant fibrous histiocytoma is the type that mostly affects the arms and legs and it is a very rare form. Though, it appears more frequently amongst middle-aged adults. The Fibrosarcoma is the type that affects the thigh bone. The Leiomyosarcoma is a very rare form of Spindle Cell Sarcoma, so there is not too many information about it.

If the Spindle Cell Sarcoma is found in the first stage of this disease, the chances to be removed successfully are high. But this happens rarely, due to the fact that symptoms can lead to other diseases as well and they make the diagnosis of this disease come difficult. As the disease advances to stages two and three, it becomes more difficult to treat it. But unfortunately, this type of cancer is most often diagnosed only in its fourth stage, when there is not too much left to do. The survival rate is about 5 years.

The diagnosis of this type of cancer can be done by making certain tests, such as biopsy, X-ray, MRI scan or bone scan. The main treatments for this disease include surgery, radiology and chemotherapy. In certain cases, if the sarcoma becomes too severe to can be cured, the affected area is amputated.

As in any other type of cancer, in the case of Spindle Cell Sarcoma it is better to diagnose it as soon as possible. This can only be done if you visit your doctor from the first unusual symptoms you feel. And always try to prevent it by living a healthy lifestyle.

Juicer Reviews – Are They Worth your Time?

Written By: contrac - Mar• 13•14

If you search online for the different brands and models of juicers, you will certainly come across more than a hundred different juicer reviews. There are just lots of them, yet, we tend to ignore them thinking that they are just a big waste of time. But are reading these reviews really worth your time? What are the benefits that we can get out of these reviews?

They Help You to Decide

Choosing the best juicer to buy is sometimes difficult especially if you are not familiar with this device. There are so many of them now and each brand would claim that theirs is the best. Reading reviews can help you to easily decide which juicer to buy. These reviews are written by customers who have tried buying the juicer and have used them, so they can give you the best recommendations.

They Provide You with Reliable Information

Most of the reviews contain highly reliable information about the juicer. The review will not only talk about the basic details, such as the specs and dimensions, but it will also talk about how the juicer works. It will also talk about the method that the device uses in juicing fruits and vegetables, as well as other important details. This can certainly help to give you an idea on how the juicer will function. So if you are someone who has no direct knowledge about the device, reading these reviews is definitely beneficial for you.

They Talk About the Pros and Cons

In order to know if the juicer is really worth your money, you should find out the advantages and the disadvantages that come with owning it. The best way to know these is by reading the juicer reviews. If you just read the product details and information, everything you will read are positive things about the juicer. But with the consumer reviews, both the pros and cons will be tackled.

So as you can see, spending some time in reading those juicer reviews online is definitely worth it. Aside from the advantages mentioned above, reading reviews can also help you to save your hard earned money from having to buy those inefficient juicers. Furthermore, the reviews are written by consumers who are just like you so these people know exactly what information you need to know about the juicer. There are several consumer reviews that are scattered all over the Internet nowadays but make sure to read only those that are written by real consumers.

I Often Hear the Question of Can Herpes Be Cured in the Clinic

Written By: costa - Feb• 21•14

Natural Cure for Herpes and the Best Herpes TreatmentOne of the things I hear most in the clinic that serves those who have been diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases is the question of can herpes be cured. Though there is continuing research for a cure of this viral infection, none exists as of yet. The hope is that one would soon become available as research progresses. Even a vaccine to prevent infection would be a milestone.

Herpes is a disease that is not associated with anything life-threatening. There is a study that shows a slight association with later development of Alzheimer’s disease, but this has to be studied further to be able to definitively declare it as a complication risk of being infected with herpes. The viral disease is painful when sores cause an outbreak.

Juicer Reviews – Why Do you Need to Write One?

Written By: contrac - Feb• 21•14

If you are an avid online shopper, then you are probably aware that most online stores these days will ask for your honest opinion about your experience of using a certain product you purchased, such as a juicer. Sometimes, we find this a bit time consuming that we tend to ignore the company’s request. If you are buying a juicer online, do you think there is a need for you to write juicer reviews? What are the benefits that come with it?

You Can Help your Fellow Online Shoppers

Coming up with your own review can actually benefit other shoppers like you who are also trying to find the best brand of juicer to buy. As an avid online shopper, then you certainly know how it feels if you ended up buying something that is not what you expected it to be. So be kind enough to help other shoppers by providing them with the right information when shopping for the best juicer.

You Can Help the Company to Improve

Just because you mentioned some negative things about the juicer on your juicer reviews does not mean that you are putting the company down. There is nothing wrong in doing this for as long as you are honest with your review.

In fact, this will actually help the company to improve on their products and services. In a way, you are not only helping your fellow customers but you are helping the company as well.

You Might Earn Some Perks

There are some online stores that will actually give you some discounts and other privileges for writing a review about a certain product you purchased from their store. So if you want to take advantage of these, take time to write a good and honest juicer review about that certain brand of juicer that you have purchased from them. You are not only helping other shoppers by doing these, but you may also end up benefiting through these perks that the company may offer.

Writing juicer reviews will not actually require a lot of effort on your part and it will not take up a lot of time as well. The process will simply involve writing about your experiences of using that particular juicer. Just write everything that comes out of your mind and do not be afraid to express your thoughts and opinions about the product, whether it is negative or positive. Just make sure to be as honest as possible.

Is the Acai Berry Diet Safe for Teenagers?

Written By: contrac - Feb• 18•14

The Acai Berry diet is perhaps one of the most talked about diets these days. It requires taking supplements that are made out of a nutritious berry, called the Acai Berry, which is said to have originated from the forests of Central America. Since it comes with a lot of amazing health benefits, a lot of teens are becoming interested with it. But are these products safe for teenagers?

It Fulfills the Vitamin Needs

The berries are actually loaded with nutrients that help to fill the vitamin needs of both teenagers and adults. According to some reports, less than 10% of teenagers these days are eating the recommended amount of nutrients that their body needs in order to be able to perform well and be free from any kind of illness.

With this data, it is therefore safe to conclude that the Acai Berry diet can in fact benefit the teens. With the vast health benefits that the supplement gives, teenagers will certainly be able to benefit a lot from this diet. Acai Berry Max is preferred by many teens and adults alike.

It Helps Prevent Obesity

These days, most teenagers are fond of caffeinated drinks, soda and several different kinds of energy drinks that contain ingredients that can lead to obesity. In fact, there are some countries right now that are faced with problems concerning the increasing number of teens that are becoming obese.

Most of the younger generations are too dependent on fast foods that are filled with saturated fats, which is why they gain so much weight. With the help of the diet, a lot of teens will be saved from becoming obese.

Safe for Almost All People

The Acai Berry is actually hailed as the number one super food in the world, and is therefore safe for most people. As a matter of fact, the supplement is more effective among teens since their metabolism is still at its peak. Of course, only a doctor can tell for sure if it’s safe for you or not.

The main benefit of the Acai Berry diet supplement is to help one to lose weight, but unlike other diet pills, it does not pose any risk to one’s health. What it does instead is to provide your body with the daily nutrients that it needs.

So as you can see, the Acai Berry diet is indeed safe for teenagers. In fact, if reports are true that more and more teenagers are becoming obese these days, then it is high time that teens should take health supplements such as this. It will not only fight obesity, but will load you up with nutrients as well.

Is The Price Of A White Smile Worth It?

Written By: contrac - Feb• 16•14

There was a time when it was very expensive and time consuming to whiten your teeth. Just a short decade ago, the only people who could have their teeth whitened were the ones who went to the dentist to have it done. You are still able to have professional whitening done in your dentists office. For a fee you can have the smile you want in as little as five minutes, but it can still be pretty expensive to go that route. There are many effective tooth whiteners on the market that you can get without a prescription, most at your local pharmacy or online. The best place to go online for teeth whitening products is or Teeth Whitening Reviews.

Whitening strips are adhesives that are placed over the teeth that work just as well as the treatment that you get at the dentist’s office. They normally take as little as three to five days depending on the brand. Some can take up to ten to fourteen days, so make sure to read the package before you invest. They have a tendency to taste pretty bad and they can sometimes be messy to deal with or slide from your teeth. They are a very inexpensive and effective way to whiten the teeth if you have the patience and are willing to put up with the other disadvantages.

There is a whole new line of toothpastes and washes that whiten the teeth gradually. Having an active ingredient built in, there is no need to do anything additional but brush your teeth. They don’t work as quickly, but when you do have the stains cleared, they have the additional advantage of protecting your teeth from any stains in the future. They are also less likely to produce the tooth sensitivity that has been reported with other types of bleaching agents.

If you are looking for the best way to whiten your teeth it is really a personal preference. All the different whiteners all achieve the same results, it really depends on who much time you want to wait and how much money you are willing to spend. Each method has its own set of disadvantages and advantages, none being perfect. What you can be guaranteed, however, is that if you follow the instructions of whatever form you choose you will have the perfect white smile that you set out wanting. The quickest fix to your appearance is right at your fingertips.

Why Spend A Fortune If You Don’t Have To

Written By: contrac - Feb• 08•14

There was a time when you had to go to a dentist to bleach your teeth. Achieving the white bright smile of your youth was something that could be quite expensive. Luckily those days are well behind us. There are many options for those who want to get the white smile they crave. You can still go to your dentist to get the white that gleams, but you will end up paying much more for the same results. If you are looking for the most affordable way to turn back the hands of time and get stain free teeth, the over the counter products are your best option.

There are so many over the counter options to choose from, it can be overwhelming. Sites like Teeth Whitening Reviews help a lot, by giving their honest opinion. Strips are tape aids that you place over the teeth. They vary by brand, but for most, you have to wear them anywhere from three to ten days to get the results that you want. The only disadvantage that they have is that they can take more time than you want, and some can make your teeth very sensitive. Depending on the brand, they can be very time consuming, sometimes having to be worn twice a day, and some can be very gooey and taste extremely bad. A great alternative if you want a cheap fix, but there are some considerable downsides.

Many toothpaste and tooth washes now come with whitening ingredients. The biggest advantage of them is that there is no special process that you have to go through to get the results that you crave. All you do is brush your teeth as you would anyway, and you will see a difference within a week for most brands. They also work by staving off any stains in the future, which has a huge advantage over strips or trays. They also do not usually produce the same sensitivity that you get from the strips that are worn on the teeth.

You are still able to go to the dentist to get your teeth whitened in just one visit. The most obvious advantage is the guarantee of time. In just about thirty minutes time you have the white smile that you want. The biggest disadvantage is that they are costly. The over the counter products work just as well if you are willing to wait just a couple of days, so why pay so much more to get the same results?


Written By: contrac - Jan• 16•14

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